When Will CMO Heads Roll?

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1/22/10, ClickZ

Before we delve into my column, I want to welcome my new co-columnist in the Paid Search Strategies category, Andrew Goodman, who has been doing paid search almost as long as I have and is also a fellow author, having written “Winning Results with Google AdWords.” Those of you that get the ClickZ e-mail newsletters on search marketing will get columns from each of us on alternate weeks.

Now, on to the topic at hand: CMOs and their crazy, often unscientific marketing budgeting process, particularly as it relates to online marketing and SEM. Marketing budget allocations between media channels are totally screwy at nearly every company I’ve had an opportunity to talk with. There’s little or no science or math applied to the task of determining where to spend the first, last, or next dollar. I’ve been waiting for this to change ever since getting into traditional advertising out of grad school in 1992. I’m still waiting, but at least there’s been some movement in allocating budgets more effectively between online options. But that’s a discussion for another column. The bigger problem is that the large offline budgets in traditional media (television, radio, print, outdoor, etc.) for the most part have not migrated online to follow the consumer’s attention.

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