Online B2B Marketing to Grow 12% Annually

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2/2/10, Min

After a tough 2009 for b2b marketing, investment in online efforts will grow 8% this year and 14% in 2012, says AMR International in a report it will release later this week.

AMR CEO Denzil Rankine says that market cycles and the shift of media dollars away from print will be the bulwarks of growth in coming years. He predicts that compound annual growth for online b2b marketing will be 12% through 2013. Only 7% of all b2b marketing spend went online in 2008, but that share should reach 12% by 2013. “Overall, b2b marketing spending is likely to grow at 4% to 2013,” Rankine tells minonline. “Although magazines will continue their structural decline, online, direct mail and events are all likely to grow—albeit at varying rates.”

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