Why Measurement Alone Will Not Lead to Better Marketing

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian.

2/23/10, Ad Age

Companies that have strong performance-driven cultures support the classic adage that “You can’t manage (or improve) what you can’t measure.” We recently interviewed 400 companies and found the important corollary: Measurement alone will not lead to results.

Over the last decade, the science of marketing has grown in importance as marketing departments have come under increasing pressure to defend budgets and more clearly articulate the value they are creating for the organization. In the last few years alone, advances in the science of marketing measurement as well as significant changes in communications mediums have transformed the function of marketing and the measurement of its impact on the business. Yet it was our sense, from working on the front lines of marketing, that few companies were reaping the benefits of these advances. We wondered, what’s the disconnect?

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