Marketing to the Masses? Here's Why You Shouldn't; 'Flip the Funnel' Suggests Marketers Focus on the Few

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3/23/10, Ad Age

Some simple questions are stupid. And some are just annoying. But every once in a while a simple question makes one re-evaluate everything. Joseph Jaffe asks one such question in his new book “Flip the Funnel,” making it a must read for anyone interested in selling anything to anyone anywhere.

Mr. Jaffe, who is president of Crayon, has taken a look at that most basic of marketing concepts — the process by which we funnel everyone in the universe down to the handful who will purchase our product/service — and asks, “What the hell are we doing?” That is, why do we spend all of our time with people who a) don’t know about us or b) don’t care about us, trying to, you know, make them know about us and care about us.

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