Memo to Marketers: It's Your Fault if Your Shops Flounder

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3/29/10, Ad Age

Forrester Study Finds Client Companies Must Take the Reins in Digital World Rather Than Wait for Shops To

Eighteen months ago, Honda’s chief marketing officer Steve Center wanted to curtail what he felt was the company’s overemphasis on print marketing materials to communicate with customers.

But rather than hunt for a hot new digital shop, Mr. Center requested that his lead agency, California-based RPA, restructure to replace its brochure-marketing group with a digital-marketing hub. “They saw that brochures can come out of all digital assets you’re creating, and that’s not to mention the digital brochures and things you’re doing online,” said Mr. Center. He’s now convinced that his relationship with RPA is stronger and that Honda is using its creative assets and messaging more efficiently.

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