IDC Forecasts Tech Sales & Marketing Expenses to Grow Faster Than Revenue in 2010

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3/30/10, IDC Press Release

The International Data Corporation (IDC) Executive Advisory Group forecasts that global sales and marketing expenses will to grow at 4.7% and 3.5% respectively in 2010, exceeding the forecast growth of IT global revenue of 3.2%. These expense gains will lead tech executives to accelerate their initiatives to improve the productivity and cost efficiency of sales and marketing.

In addition, executives may continue to seek greater sales and marketing alignment through dramatic organization and reporting changes, as a way to solve the costly misalignments that have continually undermined sales and marketing integration and efficiency. Recent research from IDC indicates that over 20% of tech organizations with revenues of more than $1 billion have witnessed “significant” organization change during the past twelve months. A majority of senior tech sales and marketing executives expect this trend to continue throughout 2010.

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