The Biggest Loser

Websites Endangered by the Weight of Their Own Content

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Web content has dropped in relevance by 25% in the last five years. It may seem hard to believe, but too much content can spell doom for Websites. How vulnerable are you to this trend? IDG Connect throws a life preserver to Websites drowning in content.

Here’s a prediction. Many web site content delivery models will break down unless organizations take a different approach to content creation and delivery over the next twenty-four months. Their demise will be slow and painful as too much content makes them less and less effective in driving brand relevance and lead generation. Check your own vulnerability, consider how your organization matches up against a: Continued explosion of content being added to web sites (60% increase in assets on sites over past five years) Perceived “crime against humanity” to ever throw any content away (average age of assets greater than 12 months) Widespread theory that navigation equals throwing as much content and links onto web pages and telling users to “go fish.”

Sound familiar? Most likely, your site was built on a publishing or traditional media model where content is created and then doled out in sections or areas.

Now, there is so much content that users quickly get lost and go away
Now, there is so much content that users quickly get lost and go away, and that quiet killer grows more menacing each year. In fact, if your site reflects the overall market, web content is relevant to buyers only 40 percent of the time and reduces making the shortlist by over 33 percent. To give you a historical perspective, in 2006 the relevance percentage was 65 percent. A drop of 25 percent in less than five years.



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