Is ‘Accountability’ All Talk?: Marketers Don’t Measure

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6/25/10, Min

Despite all of the pressure on media companies to be more accountable to clients and show the ROI from campaigns, it turns out that a high percentage of advertisers actually don’t measure effectiveness. According to a new survey of marketing professionals by the Association of National Advertisers, 65% do not put in place practices that measure the effects of their sponsorships and event marketing programs. Only 35% “always or almost always” measure the campaigns and programs. And yet about eight in ten say that the need for validated results for their programs has increased in the last two years as they feel more accountable to senior executives.

To break the puzzling numbers down further, 53% say they do not have a standardized process in place for measuring sponsorship programs. Among the minority who do have such accountability programs, only 14% are “completely or very satisfied” in their ability to measure ROI and 18% are similarly satisfied with their ability to determine return on objective (ROO).

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