Vid Nets Poised for Growth … And Monstrous Complexity

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MediaPost, 7/20/10

At Monday’s OMMA Ad Nets show in LA the buzzword was “complexity.” Those of you in the video ad ecology should feel lucky … for now. You don’ yet have to deal with a display ad network supply chain that just about every honest person in it admits is too damned intricate, interdependent and confusing. From DSPs (demand side platforms) to RTB (real-time bidding) the alphabet soup of ad technologies is stultifying. In just the last two years the number of data and service providers inserting themselves into the targeting process has multiplied.

In fact, almost as a joke, investment firm GCA Savvian created a chart that has been circulated widely now that graphs out the pieces, from agency “trading desks” to DSPs to data exchanges, data optimizers analytics, verification and attribution providers to the many ad nets themselves.

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