Why Mobile Technology Is Still Going to Save the World

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Ad Age, 7/26/10

Nope, It’s Not the ‘Year of Mobile.’ It’s Way Bigger

I bet I got your attention with that one. Right? Good because I meant it. Not in the annual “this is the year of mobile”-type of chant marketers often sing. Nope, I mean that this is the pivotal moment in history when advancements in mobile technology combined with dramatic, global demographic trends have reached a level of escalating change with the potential to very literally lift the conditions of millions of people.

If it sounds kinda of far fetched — I don’t blame you. But when you dig into this a bit, you will see how this is happening right now and far faster than you might imagine. This trend made itself startlingly apparent to me recently given my recent introduction to HUM News, a news service providing verifiable news from the developing world. When viewed through the dual filters of technology and demographics, we see that this potent convergence is shaping a new reality very quickly and very dramatically.

To understand this perspective better, let’s examine three macro trends that are approaching a pivotal tipping point in terms of scope, scale and market adoption.

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