iPad Disconnect Could Prove Costly For Media, Advertisers

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MediaPost, 7/27/10

The major disconnect between the explosive adoption of Apple’s iPad by consumers and businesses and the fumbled, reticent response from so many media and advertising players could quickly become a lost cause — literally.

Companies that fail to keep pace with consumer habits and demands will miss interactive opportunities and new revenues triggered by the integration of the iPad and other e-tablets into routine, corporate and educational activities.

Apple reports that it sold 1 million iPads in the first month, compared to the 20 months it took to sell its first 1 million iPhones. The sale of more than 3 million iPads and 13,000 apps — generating $2.2 billion revenues in the June quarter and making it Apple’s third-largest business behind iPhones and Macs — promises audience reach and experience that exceeds conventional print and analog media.

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