Nielsen: 'I'm A PC,' Confirms Inability To Measure TV On Apple Computers

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MediaPost, 7/28/10

Important revelations related to Nielsen’s plan to begin reporting ratings for TV viewing via the Internet came to light during a client briefing Tuesday morning, including the fact that Nielsen currently has no means of metering Apple computers and it will not necessarily measuring viewing done via all other computer operating systems in its sample households.

The revelations came during a briefing with cable network clients on Nielsen’s plans to begin “weighting” – or mathematically adjusting – its ratings to make sure they accurately represent all U.S. households, including those with computers connected to the Internet.

The briefing was part of an annual review Nielsen conducts each year around this time to ensure that its national TV ratings sample corresponds with key characteristics of the U.S. population. In preparation for the 2010-11 TV season, Nielsen said it looked at weighting for three household characteristics: The presence of computers connected to the Internet; the presence of high-definition TV sets; and splitting its “under 35-year-old” head of household demographic break into those under the age of 25 and 25- to 34-year-olds.

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