IDC Announces the Sales and Marketing Automation Framework and Roadmap ; New research will guide sales and marketing departments on process improvement

IDC News Release, 8/2/10

The International Data Corporation (IDC) Executive Advisory Group recently published a new framework for sales and marketing automation. The framework maps out the key processes that large sales and marketing organizations must coordinate in order to get the most from their automation investments.

IDC research on sales and marketing operations has shown numerous areas where processes can be improved and costs can be saved. As an example, as much as 80% of the content that marketing generates is not used by sales, even though a lot of it is specifically created for sales and channel enablement. As a result of so many inefficiencies and waste, organizations must prioritize their automation efforts around the critical set of processes identified in the report. IDC recommends that these automation efforts be coordinated across sales and marketing organizations from the top down, with cross-functional teams assigned to continuously review and improve process performance.

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