Report: Marketers adopting new targeting options

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian., 8/2/10

With the number of advertisers in the online space and the number of publisher/content options it is no wonder that audience targeting is taking off like never before. A recent survey from AudienceScience indicates that more than three-quarters of marketers are now employing some type of targeting – good news for them and good news for the consumers being targeted.

Targeted advertising, whether by geography, past behaviors or retargeted ads offer better information to the consumer simply by taking their preferences into account. A consumer in Kansas, for example, has no need for a sales flyer type ad from a brick-and-mortar store in New York or London. Likewise, a marketer who retargets ads to consumers who have clicked thru an ad but then left a website has a better chance to reengaging that consumer than a marketer who only gives them a new ad.

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