Advertisers Need to Focus on Content and Be Platform Agnostic

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Jack Meyers, 8/3/10

The adage that the television and computer are separate and distinct lean forward/lean back experiences is completely outdated. From massive screens at sports stadiums and experiential venues with integrated mobile-based dynamic real-time interactive content, to TV and movies on the iPad and mobile device, the consumer experience is convergent, integrated and all-encompassing. Content producers, distributors, agencies and marketers must quickly shake off the cobwebs of outmoded and obsolescent perceptions and strategies, and move quickly to adapt to this new reality.

This week’s Jack Myers Media Business Report provides a detailed and extensive overview of why content producers must focus on screen-neutral distribution strategies and, to remain tech-relevant, why advertisers must rethink their policy of buying advertising impressions exclusively through specific distribution platforms. The subscriber-only report explains why advertisers also need to sponsor/underwrite appropriate content and dynamically embed their messages in that content as it morphs across multiple platforms, with the consumer driving the process.

Advertisers are traditionally very slow to embrace technological innovation. With penetration of high definition TVs set to surpass 70% of U.S. homes this year, it’s stunning how few advertisers have yet embraced this shift in consumer behavior and produced their TV commercials in HD. As 3D gains popularity, it offers tech-savvy marketers an opportunity to demonstrate to 3D early adapters that they are advancing with them technologically. But very few will.

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