It's Time to Re-Humanize Marketing. Four Rules for Humanizing Communications

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MediaBizBloggers, 8/4/10

“I work all day at the factory Building a machine that’s not for me Must be a reason that I can’t see You’ve got to humanize yourself”
~ The Police “Re-Humanize Yourself”

Modern marketing is a dizzying maelstrom of micro-trends: digital, addressable, behavioral, social, mobile, location-based, etcetera.

With so many bright shiny objects, these are our choices.

Go blind from looking at them all.

Go broke from trying them all.

Or get smart and look beyond the micro-trends, and focus on the macro-trend that lies at the source.

Communications Is Becoming More Human

As important as Google and Facebook are, they are effects of a revolution, not the cause.

The important revolution is this: digital has driven the cost of producing and sharing our ideas with the entire world to zero. This flips the media world on its head.

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