Not your father’s custom publishing

eMedia Vitals, 8/10/10

The “vendor as publisher” model once threatened to marginalize publishers’ role in connecting brand marketers with a target audience. Now, the fast-growing practice of custom media, aka content marketing, is providing a promising revenue stream for many media companies.

Content marketing represents a significant extension of traditional custom publishing. Where once publishers managed a tidy side business producing custom magazines and other advertorial for their marketing clients, they are now tapping into a much broader and more fertile marketing services business, creating (and often running) everything from websites to live events to social media initiatives.

Last year, U.S. companies spent $47.2 billion on branded content, according to the Custom Content Council. In the B2B sector, marketers are allocating 26% of their marketing budgets to content marketing programs, according to new research co-sponsored by Junta42, MarketingProfs, American Business Media and the Business Marketing Association. More than half of the 1,100+ respondents to the Junta42 survey, due to be released shortly, said they planned to increase their content marketing spending over the next 12 months.

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