Citrix makes mobile connection

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BtoB, 8/16/10

IT vendor Citrix Systems, which sells virtualization software mainly to enterprise users, has begun taking steps into mobile marketing—starting with the basics but also mobilizing attendee marketing at its recent flagship user conference.

Citrix is taking a cautious, exploratory approach to mobile marketing, and there’s a reason, said Kim Woodward, VP-corporate marketing. “There’s a person holding the phone on the other end,” she said. “You need to treat them as a person and be respectful. If somebody gives you their cell phone number, don’t think you can do anything you want with it. Don’t betray that trust.”

The company’s biggest mobile marketing effort to date came at its recent Synergy user conference in May in San Francisco. Rather than just add mobile outreach on an ad hoc basis, Citrix created a subbrand, dubbed Mobile Synergy, to entice show attendees into sharing their cell numbers and opting in to mobile marketing, Woodward said. Citrix gave attendees the opportunity to opt in at registration but also marketed Mobile Synergy at the show via signage and other reminders.

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