Gartner Highlights Four-Step Process for Technology Providers to Communicate Effective Marketing Stories

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Gartner News Release, 8/16/10

Business leaders in marketing, brand management and communications should implement a four-step process to tell better marketing stories, according to Gartner, Inc.

Reducing an organization’s range of capabilities into a crisp, compelling story that leaves a lasting impression is one of the toughest things leaders in marketing and communications do. Even with the storytelling opportunities that social networks and video provide, most technology marketers lack good storytelling skills.

“Visit any website and you’ll quickly see lists of product features, functions and capabilities,” said Richard Fouts, research director at Gartner. “While features and capabilities are relevant buying criteria, marketers substitute this style of communication for good stories. We tend to remember a good story, even years after we’ve heard it. We tend to forget lists of bullet points.”

Gartner interviewed several marketing executives (including a few outside the IT industry) and professors at leading MBA schools to garner insight into best practices for telling good marketing stories. The results have been culminated into a four-step process to help marketers hone their storytelling skills:

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