Getting Beyond the Mobile Pre-Roll: Conversations, Not Impressions

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MediaPost, 8/18/10

If you want to get better performance from a mobile video ad campaign, then start thinking outside of the video player box. In its latest report on user behavior and ad activity on its own mobile network, Rhythm New Media found that packaging banners and full page ads with video pre-rolls together in an app produced significantly better results than with banners alone. In the one set of data on campaigns, a banner ad campaign alone achieved a .3% CTR while the inclusion of pre-rolls increased the banner CTR 45% to .5%. Likewise, full page ads alone achieved about a 4.5% click rate while the addition of video added 50% to the response rate.

“We encourage clients not to do single format campaigns,” says Ujjal Kohli, CEO, Rhythm New Media. “With multiple formats you can goose the interactivity. One plus one equals three.” The immersion effect or surround session feel of a sponsor’s persistent presence is one of the strengths mobile apps bring to the table.

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