Report: Video Usage Surges, Thanks Partly To Streaming Sites' Commitment To Infrastructure

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MediaPost, 9/3/10

Over the past year, the amount of time American audiences spent watching video for the major live video publishers has grown 648% to more than 1.4 billion minutes, according to comScore.

By comparison, the amount of time that American audiences spent watching YouTube and Hulu increased 68% and 75%, respectively, over the same time period.

“Live online video sites have not only been successful in building audience, but also in keeping that audience tuned in,” says comScore Web video specialist Andres Palmiter. As Palmiter notes, the average live streamed video view is 7% longer than the average online video view. “If you narrow the audience to a specific demographic, though, live video really begins to prove its advertising value to media planners.” Live video sites are 72% more likely to deliver the elusive demographic — males age 18-34 — than the average online video site.

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