Gartner Outlines the Top 10 Forces to Impact Outsourcing and IT Services Industry

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Gartner News Release, 9/8/10

Analysts to Discuss Key Elements of Outsourcing and IT Services at Gartner’s Outsourcing & Vendor Management Summit, September 14-16, in Orlando and at the Outsourcing and IT Services Summit, September 20-21, in London

Gartner, Inc. has identified 10 major forces that are actively reshaping the future of IT services and the outsourcing market.

“Buyers, providers and investors in the IT services market confront the same confluence of market and technological forces, even though their approaches and core concerns may differ,” said Benjamin Pring, research vice president at Gartner. “These forces are radically reshaping the fundamentals of how providers deliver and sell IT services and how buyers consume them.”

The 10 key forces that will have a material impact on organizations’ outsourcing-related strategies and tactics include (in no particular order):

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