Webinars 101 Focus on timing and marketing

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BtoB, 9/13/10

In July, sales research firm CSO Insights released a report (“2010 Lead Generation Optimization Key Trends Analysis”) that found more than 91% of companies put increasing new-customer acquisition at the top of their strategic marketing objectives list for this year.

According to the online survey of 635 companies, webinars are one of the best and most popular ways to do that. A recent Forrester Research report—”B2B Marketers’ 2010 Budget Trends,” conducted online in January with 406 respondents from the company’s research panel and newsletter subscribers—found that the medium garners more dollars than online display ads, coming in just a percent shy (7% versus 8%) of email marketing. In addition, about 50% of marketers said they would spend more on webinars this year than in 2009. Only search marketing saw the same increase in anticipated spending. But while webinars are a fairly pervasive marketing tool, plenty of marketers are still having trouble producing and promoting them.

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