Strikin' It Rich – The Mobile Rich Media Revolution

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ClickZ, 9/21/10

It’s no secret that mobile advertising is growing significantly, fueled by smartphone proliferation and a corresponding increase in mobile Web usage. This growth, combined with new device capabilities, is fundamentally changing media consumption – and it’s much bigger than just being able to access the Web while on the go. A recent study indicated that nearly 40 percent of time spent on the mobile Web happens in the home, where presumably people have access to a computer with full keyboard and larger screen. Yet, they are choosing to turn to the phone.

Smart marketers have recognized this and are continuing to grow their investments in mobile marketing activities, including mobile display media. Thankfully, we’re not restricted to tiny banner ads with limited functionality anymore. Mobile rich media has burst onto the scene, bringing animated banners, full-page interstitials, expanding ads, page takeovers, streaming video, and more. I was recently asked to present on this topic at a mobile conference, and have pulled together some of the best examples of agencies and marketers leveraging these capabilities. Below is a brief summary.

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