Media Outlook 2011: Digital

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Mediaweek, 9/27/10

The last time the country looked to be heading into a deep, dark recession—way back in 2008—the consensus among analysts and prognosticators was that digital wasn’t likely to get clipped. The thinking was that brands, during a time when accountability and efficiency were of utmost importance, would gravitate to the most trackable and affordable medium.

Then reality hit. Even the Web wasn’t spared by The Great Recession.

Now, as 2011 nears and the chance of a double-dip recession—or at best a weak recovery—looms, pundits are generally singing the same song, albeit in more confident tones. People now live their lives on the Web—consider Facebook’s hold on people’s attention alone compared to 2008. Most believe that brands simply won’t be able to cut back on the medium, even if the economy sputters.

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