Creating a true partnership between marketing and sales

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BtoB Daily News, 9/28/10

Two years ago, the CMO Council reported on a huge disconnect between marketing and sales in its white paper, “Closing the Gap: The Sales and Marketing Alignment Imperative.” Sales and marketing—according to the report, which surveyed 506 sales, marketing and channel management professionals online—were more “antagonistic than synergistic” and there was “mistrust, misunderstanding of function, and a lack of alignment and singularity of purpose [between the two],” the council found.

And yet, two years later, the two departments still aren’t working together, said Kevin Darlington, senior VP-product marketing at financial software company HNW Inc. “Sales and marketing are typically out of sync or—at worst—are undermining each other,” he said. “Even at very senior levels where there is a deeper ownership, there can be a less-than-collegial environment.”

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