Abandoned! 20% of Viewers Stop Watching in the First Ten Seconds

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian.

MediaPost, 10/6/10

Okay, you’ve got ten seconds to get my attention, or I am outta here. Or so it seems when it comes to online video viewing. According to a new study from Visible Measures, 20% of of the audience for a video clip of under five minutes will abandon viewing in the first ten seconds. VM looked at behaviors across 40 million unique clips that added up to over 7 billion video views – a pretty convincing sample. Company CMO Matt Cutler writes in his blog post about the findings, “If your online video campaign has 10 million viewers, 2 million of them saw less than 10 seconds of it. Ouch.”

They don’t call it short attention span theater for nothing.

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