Shops Expand Their Horizons Media agencies are driven to provide broader consulting services to cement client ties

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Adweek, 10/10/10

This past summer, PepsiCo gathered 150 brand managers for a two-day “summit” at its Purchase, N.Y., headquarters. The meeting was to evaluate 20 emerging media startups that conceivably could help the soft drink and snack food behemoth better market its products. During the meeting, attendees selected 10 of the startups to work on pilot projects for the company.

The gathering’s execution was credited to the company’s media agency, Omnicom Group’s OMD. Now, however, OMD has revealed that the effort was conducted by a new unit, vc@OMD, established this past summer to identify bleeding-edge emerging-media platforms and their developers, and then help those platforms devise offerings that advance the strategies of OMD clients and other marketers.

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