Why Ad Agencies Should Own Social Media

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Ad Age, 10/14/10

It’s in vogue these days to make fun of how far behind ad agencies are in the understanding and adoption of social media. On Twitter, in blog posts and in the hallways at all the cool social-media conferences, the social-media agencies/consultants love to sell against the big, old, traditional ad agency. It’s really becoming a bread-and-butter kind of pitch tool for them.

Unfortunately, many an ad agency is making it rather easy to play the “your ad agency doesn’t get social media” card. In truth, a good many of the agencies in the country are way behind the ball on this one. I don’t say that in a bad way. In fact, I’m working with a few right now that are trying to change this inconvenient truth. But overall, it is true. Truly social-media-ready agencies are few and far between. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and I’d argue it shouldn’t be that way.

I have always felt and continue to feel that ad agencies should own social media.

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