Marketer of the Decade: Apple

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Ad Age, 10/18/10

Company Influences Business Models Across All Media and Creates Exceptionally Brand-Loyal Consumer Base

You think you have Apple fatigue. Apple has won Ad Age’s Marketer of the Year title only once in the past decade, but it has been named runner-up several times and has been a contender almost every year in our heated behind-the-scenes discussions of who should next wear the marketing mantle.

This year was no different. Some staffers were passionate about Apple’s inclusion, while others expressed weariness over its perennial powerhouse status. In the end, we all agreed that Apple deserved consideration for several reasons: the launch of both the iPad tablet and the iAd mobile ad platforms (and the industry impact both have had); the continued thriving sales and solid marketing behind Mac, iPhone and iPod; the successful retail-stores-as-marketing strategy; and the major crisis-management coup in skirting iPhone 4 “Antennagate.”

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