Mobile In B2B: The Invisible Juggernaut

Content Marketing Inst., 10/18/10

Mobile is one of those areas in which, annoyingly, B2C is way ahead of B2B. You can kind of understand why — the CMOs of Pizza Hut and Smirnoff and Pepsi would be fired by now if they hadn’t at least been groping their way towards a relationship with their mobile users (aka everyone).

In fact, Pizza Hut, Smirnoff, Pepsi and hundreds of other consumer brands have all made excellent starts in mobile. So what about the B2B mobile pioneers? It’s a desert out there.

If it weren’t for airlines, banking and search companies, there would be almost nothing B2B in the mobile channel. And that’s more than a shame, it’s also a huge opportunity for any B2B marketer ready to experiment with new ways to reach customers and prospects.

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