The Future of Advertising: How Technology Is Transforming Consumer Engagement

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ClickZ, 10/18/10

The media business is undergoing a sea-change. The passive consumer of analog media has rapidly evolved into an active creator of content moving across multiple digital media channels. But the pace of change is much slower in the advertising industry.

There is a growing recognition that advertising success in the era of “native digital” media requires a shift in thinking, personnel, business models, and assets, including supporting technologies that learn, execute, and adapt at the pace of life.

To get some insight into the future of the agency industry, I recently spoke with two visionary executives leading change initiatives: Adam Cahill, EVP co-media director, responsible for digital strategy and media across all Hill Holliday clients and Jon Verna, (formerly of Black Bag Advertising) managing director at Run Inc., a newly launched exchange-based trading desk.

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