Simplification is Key to Unlocking Online Video Ad Dollars

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DigiDay, 10/19/10

There may be $7.2 billion in online video advertising in the coming year, but publishers have to make it dead simple to buy if they want a piece of the pie.

“Buyers won’t buy what they don’t understand,” Toby Gabriner, president of told publishers at the Digital Publishing Summit in Key Biscayne, Fla. Monday. Agencies hear from hundreds of sites selling access to original video, so what they want to know is, “how are you different? And do you really have what you say you have?”

If that sounds overly simplistic, Gabriner said, he reminded publishers that advertisers like P&G expend most of their research just making sure that the places they advertise are the best suited to attract 18- to 49-year-old women. “Billions of dollars are transacted this way” in television advertising, Gabriner asserted, and “if you can make it that simple for the advertiser: here’s my audience and here’s how you can reach them,” there are billions of dollars that could migrate from television online.

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