Five reasons NOT to hire THAT social media expert

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Econsultancy, 10/21/10

Why is it still not uncommon to attend a social media or digital marketing conference and overhear stories about people with little to no significant experience who recently filled new mid-management social media marketing positions?

We laugh at the absurdity, but if firms can’t differentiate between experts and newbies, how will they differentiate between the value of social media marketing and a hiring mistake when it all goes awry?

Really people, get it together. These types of hiring mistakes were perhaps understandable a year or two ago, but given the daily diet of social media news and articles available on every front, I can’t believe it’s still happening. How can it be that employers who have Google and social media platforms at their fingertips are still getting snowed?

Clearly, some basic hiring tips are in order. You may think I’ve set the bar too low, but I kid you not, people who are not on Facebook or LinkedIn, or with profiles so new they’re not dry yet, are getting hired for these positions. So yes, there are recent hires who don’t meet these criteria who may be earning twice your salary (at least for now).

You don’t want to hire that social media candidate if:

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