B2B Marketers Arise! Five Imperatives For The New B2B Marketer

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Cmo.com, 10/28/10

Business-to-business marketing used to be the sleepy backwater of the marketing world. While your CMO peers at Coca-Cola were on a beach in Belize shooting a zillion-dollar TV commercial, you were in a suburban business park whiteboarding a trade show strategy. Well, the budget disparity may still persist, but in every other way—and without anyone noticing—B2B marketing has actually become a pretty invigorating ride. . .at least for the B2B marketers who are up for the challenge.

Unfortunately, a lot of B2B marketers aren’t up for it at all. They’re stuck in the tired, old B2B mindset, blissfully unaware that there’s a revolution going on. I help run a B2B marketing agency in London, and our experiences with some fantastic B2B marketers led us to publish a new eBook, called The B2B Marketing Manifesto. The Manifesto is a bit of a rant, a call to action, and a plea for ambition in B2B marketing all at the same time. Its basic premises are simple:

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