Semantic technology brings new relevance to ads

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eMedia Vitals, 10/28/10

Most discussions about ad targeting focus on how behavioral or other visitor data are used to display relevant ads. But more advertisers and publishers are beginning to look at how semantic technology can be used to mine content and serve the most relevant ads to readers.

Semantic targeting is a natural extension of contextual ad targeting, which uses topical distinctions to determine the type of ad that is served: For example, “this section is about parenting, so display a diaper ad.” Semantic technology, which some publishers already employ to improve tagging in order to make content more searchable, discoverable and sticky, can be used to drill down into the meaning of content and match content tags to advertising tags, thus improving the relevancy of ads and finding previously undiscovered advertising opportunities. For example, the parenting section has a story about the flu, which is tagged as a health topic and therefore brings in a different advertiser.

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