New Survey Foretells Trouble for Traditional Media, Both Print and Television: Harris Poll Finds Over Half of Adults Believe Traditional Media as We Know It Will No Longer Exist in 10 Years

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Daily Dog, 10/29/10

As we all know, traditional media is in trouble. Newspapers are struggling with circulation and magazines like Newsweek are being sold for $1. But things can always get worse — and a new survey shows that, while two-thirds of Americans (67%) still agree that they prefer to get their news in more traditional ways such as network television and/or reading newspapers or magazines in print, over half of Americans (55%) say traditional media as we currently know it will no longer exist in ten years. Additionally, half of U.S. adults (50%) say they tend to get almost all their news online, say the findings of a new survey of 2,095 U.S. adults by Harris Interactive.

Focusing on specific media sources, when Americans are looking for news, almost half (46%) say they go to local television news all the time while about one-third say they go to local newspapers (35%) and network television news (31%). Two in five adults, however, say they never go to national newspapers like the New York Times or weekly news magazines (42% each) when they are looking for news, according to the findings of the online survey conducted between October 8 and 12, 2010

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