Advertisers, Agencies Plan Shift From General To Targeted Ad Networks, Remain Dubious About DSPs

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MediaPost, 11/1/10

Spending on general, broad-based ad networks — which currently are the dominant source among advertisers and agencies that buy online advertising inventory though networks — will decline over the next 12 months as Madison Avenue shifts its focus toward more targeted options based on user behavior or social networks, according to a new study being released this week by the Center for Media Research.

The study, “Ad Networks: Pros & Cons Of Each Platform,” examines the current spending patterns and future intentions of online display advertisers and media buyers about the rapidly changing marketplace, and the role of third-party intermediaries such as ad networks and demand side platforms (DSPs). The study, which was conducted online by InsightExpress, surveyed 275 respondents between Sept. 17 and 29, and found that nearly a third (31%) of digital ad budgets are currently spent on general ad networks, but that share is expected to decline by four percentage points to 27% over the next 12 months as advertisers and agencies shift toward more targeted options.

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