IT Decision-Makers Lead in All Stages of the IT Purchase Process

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IDG Enterprise News Release, 11/1/10

IT Decision-Makers Lead in All Stages of the IT Purchase Process

IDG Enterprise — the media company comprising CIO, CIO Executive Council, Computerworld, CSO*, DEMO, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World — releases the results from the annual 2010 Role & Influence of the Technology Buyer survey, examining the stages of the IT purchase process, the level of involvement of IT decision-makers vs. business management at each stage, and the information sources these professionals rely upon.

The study completed by more than 2,400 IT and business respondents, from a range of industries, shows that IT management continues to be more involved in every stage of the IT purchase process than their business management colleagues. Results also show that within IT, the purchase process is decentralized with a mix of titles involved at each stage. Decentralization increases with company size, with an average of 13 people influencing major IT purchases at enterprise companies. The study also examined the length of the purchase process given familiarity with a vendor, and information sources used throughout the purchase process.

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