New Study Reveals That Delivering Timely, Relevant Content Remains B2B Marketers' Biggest Challenge: Strategic Content Marketing Implementation Improves Thought Leadership and Placement in Search Results

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Daily Dog, 11/1/10

According to the findings of a new B2B marketing survey, content marketing remains a significant hurdle for B2B marketers — yet those who are able to develop and employ a content marketing strategy see notable improvements in a company’s placement in search results and perception as industry thought leaders. Over a quarter (26%) of B2B marketers cite delivering new content on a regular basis to be their biggest challenge. Nearly half (44%) do not have any corporate or industry blog and of those that do, only 10% publish new content daily — and the lack of compelling information provided by these companies appears to have a direct impact on market perception, as 36 percent of those without a blog say they are not viewed as thought leaders in their industry.

“Today’s data proves what we’ve long believed to be true: content marketing is difficult for B2B marketers to embrace due to misperceptions that it is a resource drain, but once put in place, they find it to be very effective,” said Richard Turcott, CMO of HiveFire, the online content marketing technology company that conducted the research study in order to inform decision making as marketers begin strategic planning for 2011.

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