Twitter Begins Publishing Ads in Users’ Streams Trial Starts On Twitter Client Hootsuite and Includes Marketers Like Starbucks, Red Bull and Virgin

Ad Age, 11/1/10

Starting today, Twitter will drop advertising into individual users’ Twitter streams, also known as timelines, according to people familiar with the matter. Longstanding Twitter advertisers Virgin, Starbucks and Red Bull have bought into this new service.

Marketers have already been able to buy what is called a Promoted Tweet that appears at the top of searches on But this new kind of paid ad would appear in a user’s Twitter stream regardless of whether they follow that advertiser or search for anything on Twitter. Users will be targeted based on the kinds of people and products they already follow, though not all users will necessarily see ads. For example, someone who follows other coffee companies or who follows people who write about coffee would be a target candidate for a Starbucks-paid Tweet.

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