Media's Beachfront Property Values are Growing Again as Digital Pennies Become Digital Dollars

MediaBizBloggers, 11/9/10

Later this month Jack Myers Media Business Report will be publishing the 2010-2012 Media and Advertising Trends Report ( The report focuses on the renewed confidence in and recognition of the importance of traditional media real estate by investors, marketers, media content creators and distributors, agencies and regulators.

In 2010, the advertising business has proven to be a leading economic indicator, reversing the five decade pattern during which media and advertising lagged the general economy by an average six months. Although the media industry has suffered through almost two decades of erosion, a sell off of once-precious real estate, a dramatic decline of valuations and multiples, and regulatory destruction and bankruptcies, the economic future is reasonably bright. Myers new Media and Advertising Industry Economic Health Report (, due to be released in December, shows that the next decade will be far more robust than the past one for media, advertising and marketing companies. Total marketing expenditures, which grew only 7% between 2000 and 2010, is forecast by Myers to grow 23.4% between 2010 and 2020 on the strength of digital expansion and integration. (Reports will be available exclusively to Jack Myers Media Business Report corporate underwriters. For information visit

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