Galaxy Tab vs. iPad: Samsung device is a worthy opponent

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian.

USA Today, 11/11/10

Add Samsung to the list of rivals set to take on Apple in tablets. And with the attractive new Galaxy Tab tablets arriving this week, Samsung brings some ammo to the fight.

Samsung’s strategy is to point out things you can accomplish that are challenged or impossible on an iPad. A promotional video shows Galaxy Tab in the palm of a user’s hand as the person moves around, navigating maps, browsing the Web and engaging in a video conference.

One-handed operation is impractical on the larger iPad, which has a nearly 10-inch touch-screen compared with the 7-inch display on Galaxy. What’s more, where Galaxy Tab boasts two built-in cameras, including a front-facing model that permits video chat, the iPad doesn’t have any camera. Samsung’s tablet can also play Adobe Flash videos, something the iPad cannot do. (Alas, Galaxy can’t play Hulu video.)

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