Online Video Budgets Expected to Rise 27 Percent in 2011

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Digiday, 11/12/10

The overwhelming number of agencies and brands who responded to DIGIDAY’s State of the Industry Survey on Digital Video sponsored by expect their 2011 online video budgets to increase by an average of 27 percent. As to the pockets that most likely will be picked to fund this increase, agencies expect Broadcast TV to give the most ground, followed by Online Display and Print, while brands most often cite Online Display and Print as those categories that will give ground.

Publisher polled see the greatest increases coming from CPG – Food & Beverage, but the overwhelming number of brands and agencies report the gratest spending levels will derive from Entertainment, followed by Automotive, then Food & Beverage. Jason Shulman, VP of sales who presented the study Thursday at DIGIDAY:ONVIDEO said he was surprised to see publishers’ technology budgets at zero, but the category was higher for the other two, and the exchange itself sees a rise in this category heading into the holidays.

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