Click This! Study Shows Just Seeing Ads Drives Purchase Behavior

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian., 11/15/10

Talk about the power of presence: Mere exposure to online advertising–organic search results, paid search results, and online display ads–drives brand favorability and purchase behavior, even when users don’t click on them, according to iProspect’s “Real Branding Implications of Digital Media–an SEM, SEO, & Online Display Advertising Study.” More encouraging news: The study also shows exposure nearly doubles Internet users’ likelihood to visit a Web site in the future.

Specifically, paid search has the greatest impact on brand favorability, both in isolation and in combination with other digital media types, reveals the study, which spanned 15 brands across five vertical industries: retail, insurance, banking/financial services, software, and hotels. Alone, paid search impressions create the greatest lift (28%) overall. However, when combined with organic search impressions, the organic-paid search duo boosts this metric to 40 percent.

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