How to Jumpstart Measuring Your Social Media ROI

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Click Z, 11/15/10

Measuring ROI on marketing expenditures can be hard. But no one thinks twice about their marketing investment in non-direct marketing like broadcasting, print, out-of-home, and sponsorships. All of these are channels where tracking measurable results are difficult and indirect. Recently there’s been a lot of talk about how tough it is to determine the ROI of social media marketing. According to Econsultancy research, about 50 percent of marketers are measuring the return on their social media marketing investment, so it can be done. The fact that marketers are now beginning to be concerned with tracking results from their social media marketing efforts indicates that this is a channel that has moved beyond just testing.

I disagree with fellow ClickZ columnist Augustine Fou who stated that social media marketing’s ROI is zero. I would argue very much to the contrary. Social media marketing does yield results when it is defined as return on time and money spent. (For more specifics on return on social media marketing, see here.) Here are five examples of successful social media marketing campaigns and the measurable results they yielded:

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