Do Brands Really Know Where Ads Appear?

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MediaPost, 11/21/10

The advertising industry needs to step up and create more transparency around where ads will be placed on Web sites by providing exact URLs and other identifying data. That’s according to Xuhui Shao, CTO at Turn, who estimates up to 40% of publisher Web sites do not reveal the exact URL to brands.

Evidently, some publishers selling low-quality spaces choose to bundle in ads with other sites, so advertisers can’t distinguish the difference.

Turn will release research Monday that reveals insight into emerging ideas around optimizing online campaigns. As the industry matures, ad executives have begun to use numerous philosophies to target campaigns for best performance. The company implemented an internal rating system to review domains and site sections of Web sites that fall into four-tier standards for quality, user-generated, and moderated or un-moderated created and other content created by the Internet Advertising Bureau.

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