IDC Retail Insights Survey Reveals Mobile Shopping Warriors Will Account for 28% or $127 billion of Overall 2010 Holiday Spending

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IDC Retail Insights News Release, 11/22/10

Mobile Commerce and Social Media Commerce to greatly impact holiday shopping season

IDC Retail Insights today announced the results of a new survey revealing that mobile shopping “warriors” (hyper-connected individuals) and mobile shopping “warrior wannabies” (moderately connected individuals) will account for 28% or $127 billion of the $447 billion the National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts U.S. consumers will spend this holiday season. The survey was designed to explore how consumers’ growing comfort with mobile commerce (m-commerce) and social media commerce (sm-commerce) will play out in the 2010 holiday shopping season. According to results, m-commerce and sm-commerce are giving consumers greater advantage as they engage retailers on their own terms — even inside the store — within arm’s reach of merchandise at the moment of their buying decision.

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