27.7% of Senior Management Champion Social Media – Does Yours?

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ClickZ, 11/29/10

Does your senior management support your social media marketing efforts? The simple answer is: probably not, since less than three in 10 companies do, according to The State of Social Media for Business by SmartBrief Inc. and Summus Limited. The reality is that senior management buy-in happens only after a company has tested social media marketing and the case can be made to expand the program, based on increased reach, additional traffic, and/or improved branding.

Given that 24.2 percent of sampled companies started their social media marketing efforts only in the last six months, it’s no surprise that many firms are still in the testing phase. In the early phases of social media marketing, companies are still coming up to speed and making the case for expanding their social media interactions. As a result, it may take time to win senior management support for social media.

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