As An Ad Medium, Social Media Now On Par With VOD, HDTV

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MediaPost, 11/30/10

Social media may have reached critical mass as a consumer medium, but its role as a mass advertising medium is still emerging. But if the initial findings of a comprehensive tracking study of Americans’ use of social media are any indication, it may prove to be more than just a powerful “listening tool” for marketers.” The findings, which are being released today from “The Faces of Social Media,” a joint research venture of Knowledge Networks and MediaPost Communications’ Center for Media Research, indicate that social media has already attained the kind of advertising influence and acceptability as advanced forms of TV advertising such as video-on-demand and HDTV.

A significant of majority (59%) of social media users surveyed for the study said advertising is a “fair price to pay for social media sites and features,” though that percentage has actually declined four percentage points from 63% in 2009.

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